Since the creation of ECA, working groups have been an important cornerstone of ECA's organisational structure. 

They provide active advice and support to the ECA Board and to ECA representatives participating in committees or working groups at UEFA, FIFA and EU level. Their contribution is key and strategic to the association. In addition, they drive membership engagement and communication across the organisation on key issues, challenges and opportunities.

ECA counts eight different Working Groups, each covering one of the following topics: 

  • Men's Football
  • Women's Football
  • Youth Football
  • Commercial & Innovation
  • Finance
  • Legal & Regulatory 
  • Sustainability 
  • ECA Governance & Development 

The purpose of the Working Groups is as follows:

  • The overall mission of the Working Groups shall be to serve as a forum to share information, develop ideas, competences and know-how, to substantiate ECA arguments and positions.
  • The nature of the Working Groups is technical. The Working Group members are familiar with the overall topic of the Working Group and use this knowledge to develop ideas and to share information.
  • The members of the Working Groups are requested to be active and practical experts in dealing with the issues on the table in the different domains.
  • The Working Groups support the Board, the Executive Committee and ECA External Representatives.

Each Working Group shall be composed of:

  • The Bureau of the relevant workstream; and
  • Up to, in principle, a further 20 members, which may include Board Members and representatives of Ordinary or Associated Clubs. The Board may also, at its discretion, appoint representatives of the ECA Network and independent individuals.