The mission of the ECA Finance Working Group is to address all issues related to club finance, to optimise resource allocation and club business management.

The Working Group will deal with:

  • UEFA Club Licensing & Financial Sustainability Regulations.
  • Club competitions’ revenue distribution (including certain financial aspects of the ECA/UEFA Joint Venture).
  • Participation of clubs in other financial schemes (e.g. Club Benefits Programmes).
  • Insurance programmes for injuries relating to the release of players to their national teams.
  • The development and the overseeing of ECA financial services or research programmes.
  • Any other relevant topics linked to the financing of European club football or financial regulations and control mechanisms (e.g. FIFA Clearing House).

The objective of the ECA Finance Working Group is to ensure the sustainable financial development of European club football.

Main Achievements:

Thanks to the joint commitment of the Working Group's members, several services have been developed for the benefit of the entire ECA Membership:

  • ECA Financial & Sustainability Workshop
  • Revenue Planning
  • UEFA Club Licensing & Financial Sustainability Regulations