ECA Founding Members and clubs in the top men's division of a UEFA member association which fulfil the requirements set out in the Membership Policy, but which do not qualify as Ordinary Member can apply for membership as an Associated Member. Membership as an Associated Member is acquired by acceptance by the ECA Executive Board of the submission lodged by a candidate club. Associated membership is granted per ECA Cycle.  Associated membership can be renewed for successive ECA Cycles upon request to and approval of the ECA Executive Board.


In accordance with ECA Statutes, ECA offers associated membership to…

  • … founding members and clubs that were ordinary member during a previous cycle
  • … clubs that won the UEFA Champions League (or former European Club Champions Cup) since its first season in 1955/56
  • … clubs that are qualified for the group stage of the UEFA Champions League in a given season
  • … clubs that participated in UCL/UEL at least three times during the past five seasons


Applications will only be dealt with at the last Executive Board meeting of the ECA Cycle. No applications will be considered during the ECA Cycle, except in the case of an Ordinary Member losing its Ordinary Membership during an ECA Cycle and which is applying to become an Associated Member. Membership applications will first be assessed by the ECA Statutory Affairs Panel. The ECA Executive Board will then decide on the proposals made by the Panel.


ECA Associated Members, unlike Ordinary Members, have no voting right at the ECA General Assembly meetings and cannot stand for ECA Executive Board elections. Aside from the latter, ECA Associated Members have the same rights as Ordinary Members: they are invited to participate in all ECA Events and contribute to any working group, committee or expert panel.