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Protect your club's brand online.


The Brand Protection Service from ECA.

Protect against counterfeit sales and brand misuse
Maximise Commercial Opportunity
Benefit from Expertise and Collective Buying Power

What is it?

A service to help monitor how your club’s brand and trademarks are used online, helping identify and stop the production and sale of counterfeit and unofficial club merchandise.

How does it work?

Commercial and legal expertise from ECA, partnering with cutting-edge AI technology partner Sentryc. ECA consultants leverage Sentryc software to identify and remove counterfeit products from online marketplaces, websites and social media.

How does it work?

1. Detect

AI-powered and automatically updated scans detect relevant products offered across hundreds of online marketplaces.

2. Analyse

Clear infringements are actioned by the software, while complex cases are handled by ECA analysts and enforcement depends on club brand protection strategy. In-house teams only involved in high-level cases.

3. Remove

Over 90% of identified infringements are removed automatically.
Clubs can choose to take additional action in significant cases, with advice from ECA.
Clubs have full visibility on progress dashboards and custom data.

Finding the Right Solution for my club.

A range of services to suit all clubs depending on perceived need and resources.

Tier-based package range allows you to choose the right support for your club.

Get objective advice from ECA on the best approach for your club.

ECA consultants will guide you through onboarding and set up, based on your club's needs.

Service packages from as little as €2k per annum.

Collective buying-power and a non-profit approach mean all packages are priced below industry benchmarks.


Service Tier

Tier Four

Tier Three

Tier Two

Tier One

Online Product Marketplaces

(10 regional, 1 global)

(15 regional, 5 global)

(40 regional, 15 global)

(All available marketplaces)

Social Media Platforms

(1 regional priority platform)

(All available platforms)

Standalone websites

(Enforcement support only)

(Searching and enforcement support)

Dedicated ECA Analyst Support

Built and endorsed by your ECA colleagues.

By acting collectively we can unite to protect all of our brands with the best tools delivered at the best value.

Harnessing the power of the ECA Clubs will not only be extremely impactful for online brand protection but the data and insights collected can inform decision makers about new potential revenue opportunities.

Paul Dicken, Director of Brand Protection

To protect our club’s brand, the project’s real-time data, comprehensive statistics and market insights are the best defence.

Tessa Bartels, Licensing Account Manager

As a community working together, the participating clubs (big or small) will not only benefit from economies of scale, but also from sharing of knowledge in relation to brand protection.

Menno Kroon, Legal Counsel

This project is revolutionary. It levels the playing field, making brand protection accessible and affordable for clubs of all sizes and backgrounds.

Marko Djokovic, Deputy CEO

This project allows ECA Clubs to speak as one voice against the counterfeiters showing our licensees and sponsors that we are proactive. Not only this would strengthen Club's partners confidence but also protects and increases the value of our brands, which is key for our business teams.

Julien Letellier, Chief Legal Officer
Celine Guillet, Legal, Merchandising & IP

Our main goal as a part of this project was to find a solution that allowed us to continue to support our partners & licensees, while saving time and improving efficiencies. The system created does this and more...

Joanne McNairn, Compliance Manager

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