The mission of the ECA Legal & Regulatory Working Group is to address all legal & regulatory issues impacting clubs, to protect the collective position of clubs in any UEFA or FIFA regulatory reforms and to critically evaluate the impact of any major decisions from arbitral bodies, or courts, that may impact ECA Members.

The Working Group will particularly deal with:

  • FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (RSTP) matters.
  • Agents’ matters.
  • The impact of decisions of FIFA Football Tribunal, or Court of Arbitration for Sport cases.
  • UEFA disciplinary decisions and/or regulations.
  • Social dialogue and industrial relations.

The objective of the ECA Legal & Regulatory Working Group is to ensure that clubs are informed, protected and advised appropriately in respect of any legal or regulatory issues that may impact the day-to-day operations of ECA Members.

Main Achievements:

Thanks to the joint commitment of the Working Group's members, several services have been developed for the benefit of the entire ECA Membership:

  • Legal Roadshows
  • Legal Journal
  • Legal Deal Checker