UEFA rankings take into account the performance of individual clubs and clubs as a collective from each national association to determine seeding, revenue distribution and entry into UEFA club competitions, namely the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

Based on the UEFA Country Ranking, an Access List is provided, determining the number of entry spots for each national association and the respective clubs' entry stage.

Club Ranking

The UEFA Club Ranking takes into account the results of each club in UEFA Club Competition and is used to determine a club's seeding in club competition draws (5-year ranking) as well as a club's revenue share (10-year ranking). The coefficients will be updated directly after each completed round of matches. To view the up-to-date UEFA Club Rankings, click here.

Country Ranking

The UEFA Country Ranking 2024 will be definite following the UEFA Champions League Final 2024 and will determine the access list for the 2024/25 season. To view the up-to-date UEFA Country Rankings, click here.

Access List

The access list determines the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League entry stage of each club qualified for European club competitions in a given season. The clubs qualify for UEFA's club competitions through their performances on domestic level. The sequence of the countries in the 2024/25 access list is determined by the UEFA Country Ranking 2024. To view the up-to-date UEFA Access List, click here.