All ECA Ordinary Members are clubs regularly competing in UEFA Club Competitions. Each Ordinary Members has a vote on all matters at a general assembly. 


The precise number of ECA Ordinary Member Clubs from each National Association is established at the beginning of every ECA Membership Cycle, based on the UEFA National Association Ranking position at that time. The identity of clubs eligible for ECA Ordinary Membership is established according to their individual UEFA Club Coefficient Ranking. ECA Ordinary Membership is granted for the duration of four seasons.

  • National Associations ranked 1-3 > 5 Ordinary Members
  • National Associations ranked 4-6 > 4 Ordinary Members
  • National Associations ranked 7-15 > 3 Ordinary Members
  • National Associations ranked 16-28 > 2 Ordinary Members
  • National Associations ranked 29-and below > 1 Ordinary Members


The nomination of Ordinary Members for the current 2023-27 ECA Membership Cycle, in accordance with the principles outlined above, was based on the UEFA National Association (Country) Ranking 2023. ECA Ordinary Membership is also offered to clubs in recognition of their sporting merit if they have won at least five UEFA Club Competition trophies “(i.e. UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, UEFA Europa Conference League) or if they have competed in, and/or qualified for, the group stages of any of the men’s UEFA club competitions at least three times in the previous ECA Cycle. In addition, clubs, from the top women’s divisions of the UEFA member associations, ranked in the top 40 of the UEFA women’s individual club coefficient ranking, are eligible to obtain ordinary membership. This entitlement applies even if the club in question does not qualify as an Ordinary Member based on its individual ranking.


An Ordinary Member relegated during an ECA Cycle will lose its Ordinary Membership status. The Executive Board may decide to grant Associated Membership to this club until the end of the ECA Cycle.


Ordinary Members can propose candidates for all ECA Bodies, the Board and Subdivision Representatives. They are invited to participate in all ECA Events and contribute to any working group, committee or expert panel.