The UEFA Club Ranking takes into account the results of each club in UEFA Club Competitions and is used to determine a club's seeding in club competition draws (5-year ranking) as well as a club's revenue share (10-year ranking). The coefficients are updated directly after each completed round of matches.

The 5-year ranking coefficients are composed of match points and bonus points obtained during the running European club competition season. Should a club's individual coefficient be less than 20% of the national association's 5-year coefficient, the club receives the national association's 20% as a minimum guarantee (*).

The 10-year ranking also takes into account historical success in European club competitions by attributing points per title won as follows:

Last 5 years: UCL (12pts), UEL (3pts)
As of 1992/93: UCL (8pts), UEL (3pts), CWC (1pt)
Before 1992/93: UCL (4pts), UEL (1pt), CWC (1pt)

Please note that ECA is not responsible for the data in this ranking. Use the filter below to choose between the 5- and 10-year ranking.