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    Charlie Marshall


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    José Luis Andrade

    General Counsel

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    Alan Hamer

    Director of Operations and Finance

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    Diederik Dewaele

    Director of Football

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    Robert Faulkner

    Director of Communications & Marketing 

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    Jeremy Cottino

    Membership Project Leader

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    Claire Bloomfield

    Head of Women's Football
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    Michael Short

    Head of Commercial Affairs

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    Mario Flores Chemor

    Head of Sports Legal

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    Hugo Hamon

    Head of Finance Strategy & Operations

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    Elena Mastrota

    Head of Marketing
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    Gaia Pretner

    Head of Sustainability 

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    Alban Pré

    Head of Executive Office

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    Raoul Tondini

    Head of People and Culture

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    Lasse Wolter

    Senior Advisor Commercial Affairs

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    Alexandre Zerah

    Events & Operations Senior Manager

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    Maxime Guillien

    Finance Operations Senior Manager

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    Eric Cuenca

    Football Finance Analyst

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    Tiphanie Delore

    Membership Administration Specialist

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    Alessandra Sulpizio

    Staff & Operations Special Projects Manager

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    Žaneta Corr

    Football Services Manager

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    Sara Williams

    Knowledge & Education Manager

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    Beatrice Riva

    Football Project Manager

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    Pouya Yaghoubinia

    Football Development Manager

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    Salomé Gimenez

    Membership Manager

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    Mario Papa

    Football Project Manager

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    Jennifer Canu

    Communications & PR Manager

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    Iida Kambur

    Brand Protection Manager

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    Montserrat Corbi

    Event Manager

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    Daniel Cerejido

    Account Manager

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    Sébastien Diz

    Event Manager

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    Mourad Farza

    Finance & IT Officer


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    Asim Munshi

    Junior Legal Counsel

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    Sarah Solémalé

    Account Manager

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    Hannah Jones

    Executive & Protocol Officer

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    Bayan Sarbaz

    CEO Personal Assistant

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    Luljeta Selimi

    Finance Officer

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    Charles Grandpierre

    Event Officer

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    Tiberio Ponti

    Event Registration and Accommodation Officer

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    Carolina Komel

    Sustainability Officer

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    Idal Shister

    Administration and Facilities Officer
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    Davide Galimberti

    Women's Football Officer

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    Mario Sagario

    Accounting Manager

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    Guirec le Bars

    Sr. ICT Services Manager

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    Anne-Sophie Brochard-Loiseau

    People & Culture Sr. Expert