• Charlie Marshall, CEO
  • José Luis Andrade, General Counsel
  • Diederik Dewaele, Director of Football
  • Lasse Wolter, Director of Membership & Business Development
  • Greta Bodino, Director of Staff & Operations
  • Hugo Hamon, Head of Finance
  • Claire Bloomfield, Head of Women's Football
  • Mario Flores Chemor, Head of Sports Legal
  • Stephane Mottaz, Head of Member Services & Business Development
  • Michael Short, Commercial Legal Counsel
  • Alun Vaughan, Communications Manager
  • Ida Dahl, Membership & Business Development Manager
  • Alessandra Sulpizio, Event Manager
  • Amandine Sauty, Senior Manager Staff and Operations
  • Federico Manto, Executive Programme Manager
  • Tiphanie Delore, Event Officer
  • Mourad Farza, Finance & IT Officer
  • Salomé Gimenez, Membership Intelligence & Data Analyst
  • Pouya Yaghoubinia, Football Development Analyst

European Club Association
Route de St-Cergue 9
1260 Nyon