Welcome to ECA Campus, the home of ECA’s education programmes and knowledge-sharing initiatives. Its services are designed to make a lasting impact by contributing to the continuous development of football club professionals and raising standards across the football club industry in an increasingly complex and fast-changing environment.

The three pillars of ECA Campus are Knowledge, Network and Impact.

Programmes & Initiatives:

Below is a summary of some of the programmes and initiatives on offer. Please click on the various headings to find out more.

  • Academy Management Programme (AMP) - new 
  • Club Management Programme (CMP) 
  • Club Talent & Mentoring Programme (CTMP)
  • Knowledge-sharing workshops
  • Webinar Series - coming soon
  • ECA Campus Alumni Association - coming soon
  • ECA Campus Online – online learning & knowledge-sharing platform - coming soon
  • Club Management Guide - currently under review

For any any enquiries, please contact campus@ecaeurope.com