Since the creation of ECA, working groups have been an important cornerstone of ECA's organisational structure. 

They provide active advice and support to the ECA Executive Board and to ECA representatives participating in committees or working groups at UEFA, FIFA and EU level. Their contribution is key and strategic to the association. In addition, they drive membership engagement and communication across the organisation on key issues, challenges and opportunities.

The European Club Association counts five different working groups, which each deal with one of the following topics: 

  • Competitions
  • Finance
  • Institutional Relations
  • Marketing
  • Youth

The ECA working group concept is based on the following principles:

  • The four subdivisions have to be proportionally and evenly represented;
  • The working groups are composed of 20 members plus the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman;
  • The Working Groups meet at least twice per year at the occasion of the General Assembly; however, ad-hoc meetings may be organised depending on the urgency of the matters;
  • The Working Group Chairman can set up a "Task Force" upon specific need if an urgent matter arises.