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Everything you need to know about ECA Working Groups

Developing club football takes teamwork. Meeting the challenges of the game and making the right decisions requires expertise from the best in the industry. That’s why leading practitioners from ECA Member Clubs come together regularly in Working Groups to debate and help shape ECA’s approach on all key areas relating to the professional club game.

The ECA Working Groups focus on five critical areas of interest (Institutional Relations, Competitions, Finance, Marketing, and Youth) in the development of European club football. These Working Groups are essential in identifying member priorities and are the ideal platform for clubs to work together in finding solutions to common challenges. Working Groups act as support mechanisms to the ECA Executive Board, assisting it in making the most informed and optimal decisions.

What is the remit of each Working Group?

Institutional Relations

Its mission is to examine how ECA can best engage with different football stakeholders and look at ways to best position club interests within the global football stakeholder environment.


Its mission is to evaluate and consider the development of club competitions and sporting matters at both European and global level.


Its mission is to address all issues related to club finance, to optimise resource allocation and club business management.


Its mission is to assess the commercial, marketing and communication opportunities available to clubs.


Its mission is to protect, stimulate and develop youth football within European club football.


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