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The UEFA Executive Committee (ExCo) has today confirmed its commitment to award clubs with a share of the UEFA EURO 2020 income despite the postponement of the tournament until 2021.

The decision is built on an agreement between UEFA and ECA, acknowledging the invaluable contribution of clubs to the success of all UEFA National Team Competitions with a share of revenues being distributed to clubs which have released players for tournament matches.

With UEFA EURO 2020 having been postponed and clubs across Europe facing financial hardships of historic proportions, these advanced payments will provide revenue where it’s most needed and help offset the risk of clubs becoming insolvent. This decision highlights the pragmatic, flexible and collaborative approach UEFA and ECA are adopting in managing the crisis football is faced with as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of the agreement, a total amount of €200m is set aside for clubs to cover both the qualifying rounds and the final tournament. Of this total, €67.7m is set apart for the qualification rounds and UEFA Nations League games which will be distributed immediately via UEFA’s 55 National Associations to 676 clubs eligible to receive payments. An additional balance of €2.7m for clubs whose players are competing in the play-off rounds will be distributed following these matches in autumn. These accelerated payments ensure that many clubs from smaller countries, who may not have players participating in the final tournament, are rewarded as soon as possible.

Following the decision, ECA Chairman and UEFA ExCo Member Andrea Agnelli stated:

“This represents a much-needed liquidity injection into club finances and is a result of ECA’s joint work with UEFA on safeguarding clubs at this time of existential threat. Whilst public health remains our primary concern, securing financial, legal and regulatory relief in advance of restarting football across Europe, once it is safe to do so, is of paramount importance to ECA and its members.”