ECA News

ECA is constantly evolving as an organisation to ensure our members are best served in a rapidly changing football world. As a result of a strategic review carried out by ECA’s Executive Board over recent months, it has been decided to introduce a new independent focus at board level and to transform the Administration’s management structure to create more corporate agility and sustainability.

This change is all the more relevant in the current climate - one that football, and the world around it, have never before experienced and in which adapting to uncertainty is the number one organisational requirement. 

An Independent Executive Board Member position has been created on the Executive Board, enabling the Board to be more progressive and differentiated. This position will be taken by an individual not affiliated to any club or party within the governance structure of ECA, but will instead be a ‘subject matter expert’ responsible for delivering specific tasks based around unique knowledge and expertise to help the Board in shaping key decisions. The position will not carry a vote within the Executive Board. Outgoing ECA General Secretary Michele Centenaro was appointed unanimously as the first person to take up this new role.

In addition, the position of General Secretary will be replaced by that of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CEO will be charged with heading a revamped ECA Administration and leading the ECA’s day-to-day operations. This role will be taken up by Charlie Marshall who joined ECA in October 2018 as Managing Director.

The Executive Board believes these changes will strengthen ECA’s ability to meet members’ needs in shaping the game for a post COVID-19 environment.

Commenting on the changes, the newly appointed Independent Executive Board Member Michele Centenaro stated:

“Following twelve years of service in leading ECA’s day-to-day operations, this decision was not taken lightly and was motivated by the sentiment of personal accomplishment in helping to further the cause of club football. I believe the time is right to allow for new operational leadership to drive the next phase of our association. I feel honoured that the Executive Board has sought to retain my expertise and know-how as ECA continues to shape the future of club football and look forward to taking up my role as the first Independent Executive Board Member.”

Following his appointment as CEO, Charlie Marshall added:

“Agility and adaptability is the key to success for any organisation. We’ve seen the football industry undergoing a sustained period of change over the last two decades – but never more than now have we truly experienced transformation. ECA’s core strength of driving collective action and collective solutions for the greater good of football – and of society – is needed now more than ever.

My role will be to guide ECA’s team to continue placing clubs at the heart of football during and after these challenging times, where we need above all to preserve all that is great about our game and build something even stronger for the future.

I wish to thank the ECA Chairman, the Executive Board and especially Michele Centenaro, with whom as General Secretary I have enjoyed working closely, and now look forward to doing so in his new board position”.