ECA Media Release

ECA is delighted to announce the launch of its new visual identity.

Since its foundation in 2008, ECA has proudly developed its role as the ‘voice of the clubs’, creating significant success and value for all members. Having entered its second decade, the time is right for ECA to refresh its image and the perception it delivers to all stakeholders, reaffirming its ambition for European club football by presenting an identity and positioning at the ‘Heart of Football’.

Commenting on the new visual identity, ECA Chairman Andrea Agnelli stated: 

"ECA as an organisation has developed strongly since its establishment back in 2008. We have evolved from a position of safeguarding the interests of clubs to one which sees us strengthening and shaping the future of the football industry as a whole. This evolution calls for us to develop our brand and to align it with our status within the game in 2019 and beyond. I believe this new visual identity achieves this by projecting a sense of confidence, ambition, dynamism, inclusiveness and unity in a manner which respects ECA's tradition and heritage, placing clubs at the Heart of Football.”

Commenting on the new tagline, ‘Heart of Football’, ECA General Secretary Michele Centenaro explained:

“We believe that clubs are truly the Heart of Football. This new visual identity positions ECA as a leading stakeholder at the centre of the action. In addition, our tagline evokes the emotion and passion of the game we all love, something which guides us in our approach to developing club football.”

The new visual identity features a redesign of the association’s logo and accompanying visual graphics, which will be formally presented at the 22nd ECA General Assembly in Amsterdam on 25-26 March.