ECA News

ECA is holding a Special General Assembly on 6-7 June in Malta, the focus of which is to discuss, share and exchange views amongst ECA members on the development of UEFA Club Competitions post 2024.

This is the start of an internal ECA consultation which will continue over the coming months as we look to work towards defining an ECA position on possible reform of these competitions. ECA is approaching the process with the aim of developing a long term vision for a fair, balanced and representative model which will be of greater relevance and benefit to the club game across all of Europe, from the smallest to the biggest clubs. 

The Special General Assembly has been structured in a manner which will allow ECA members to engage proactively as small groups in different workshops to encourage active participation. 

Looking beyond the Special General Assembly, ECA is also open and looking forward to hearing the constructive views and opinions of all professional game stakeholders involved in this process.

A media conference will be held at approximately 13:30 (CET/Local Time) on Friday 7 June, upon completion of the Special General Assembly, and will be attended by ECA Chairman Andrea Agnelli, ECA Vice-Chairmen Edwin van der Sar, Dariusz Mioduski and Aki Riihilahti. Media representatives wishing to attend the media conference are kindly requested to contact Alun Vaughan, Communications Officer (