FIFA-related News

To coincide with the kick-off of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 in France, ECA is pleased to announce the publication of its latest Player Release Analysis.

Following the official announcement of the final 23-player squads by FIFA on 27 May 2019, ECA has conducted a study, which details the number and origin of clubs involved in releasing players for the tournament.

Some of the key findings can be summarised as follows:

  • 53% of players at the tournament are registered with European clubs, a 30% increase from the previous FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2015
  • Of the 219 clubs worldwide releasing players, 111 (over half) are European clubs, a 50% increase from the previous FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2015
  • Top 5 clubs releasing players to the tournament:
    • FC Barcelona: 15 players
    • Olympique Lyonnais: 15 players
    • Chelsea FC: 12 players
    • Manchester City FC: 12 players
    • Paris Saint-Germain: 10 players
  • Top 5 countries where players at the tournament are registered:
    • USA: 71 players
    • France: 52 players
    • Spain: 52 players
    • England: 49 players
    • Germany: 32 players
  • 7 of the top 10 countries where players are registered are European

The ECA Player Release Analysis: FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 demonstrates the pivotal role clubs play in making major national team tournaments possible, and highlights the rapid development of women’s club football in Europe over the past 4 years.

In recognition of the important role clubs play in the success of international tournaments, this year will be the first time that the FIFA Club Benefits Programme has been applied to the FIFA Women’s World Cup. As part of the agreement between ECA and FIFA, clubs from across the world will receive a share of the competition revenue for having released and trained the participating players.

* All findings based on official squads published by FIFA on 27 May 2019. Due to player transfers, results are subject to change.