ECA News

The ECA Executive Board met on 29 March to continue its work across a number of important areas relating to the current status and development of the European club landscape. The Board reviewed in detail the current state of play relating to discussions and plans with UEFA for the post 2024 period. Discussions focused on the future of the UEFA Club Competitions (UCCs) along with ongoing talks between ECA and UEFA around their future stakeholder relations given that the current Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which enshrines all aspects of this relationship is also set for renewal in 2024.

The Executive Board, which is made up of 28 members and representatives from European clubs representing ECA members across all four ECA subdivisions, unanimously agreed that it was not yet in a position to formally endorse key changes to the UCCs for the period post 2024 in isolation. The Executive Board believes that if European football is to meet the challenges it currently faces, the foundations for ECA and UEFA’s future relationship also need to be given due consideration at the same time.

The Executive Board is fully committed to working with UEFA over the coming weeks on all topics and remains confident of reaching successful outcomes, which will be crucial in ensuring European club football’s rebuild and long term sustainability.