ECA News

In response to discussions taking place at European level whether Third-Party Ownership (TPO) of players should be banned, ECA has commissioned an independent study in order to better understand the various ways TPO operates in Europe.

Whilst ECA agrees that TPO practices can cause numerous negative implications, it also recognises the complications and consequences to a variety of member clubs if new rulings dictate how TPO operates.

The study has identified that TPO in Europe is relatively low and highly concentrated in a few countries (ie Portugal, Eastern Europe), while it appears to be an extended practice in South America. The study also points out differences between TPO arrangements in Europe and South America from which critical areas can be identified such as a maximum percentage of economic rights owned by a third party, influence of the investor on club decisions and relations between agents and investors.

ECA presented the study to both UEFA and FIFA. The study, which was undertaken by KPMG Spain, is now available for download.