ECA continues to fulfil its commitment to our member and network clubs by developing and extending its legal services.

Helping give our members a practical knowledge resource – which includes expert legal commentary and highly relevant case studies – the third issue of the ECA Legal Journal is now available online and to download.

This publication offers counsel and supporting strategies that can help our member and network clubs respond to the legal issues they might face, be it on a daily basis or in extraordinary circumstances.
With different national and local contexts across Europe, ECA’s job is to try to find common ground, to identify unifying strategies and to propose areas of compromise – all in the service of ensuring that European football remains at the pinnacle of global sports - which means it is crucial that our sport is supported by a strong and stable base structure.

ECA legal services form an important component of this base which, in turn, gives our member and network clubs the opportunity to grow and help realize their commercial potential as well as deal with the legal challenges they might face.

During 2022, the ECA Legal Department fulfilled over 100 requests for legal advice from over 40 clubs, covering a wide range of topics spanning sports regulatory issues to specific commercial matters.

The main objective since launching our updated and enhanced ECA legal services – which includes the ECA Legal Journal launched in November 2021 – has been to be the first point of contact for our member and network clubs in need of legal advice, and we are working tirelessly to achieve that objective in conjunction with the growth of all of the ECA services.

ECA Head of Sports Legal Mario Flores explained: 

“The ECA Legal Journal is just one part of the ECA legal team’s broader ambition to become the first point of contact for our member and network clubs whenever in need of legal assistance.

“The ECA Legal Journal is a testimonial of our expertise and concretely highlights how we can assist our member and network clubs in a wide variety of issues, whether contractual, regulatory, commercial, disciplinary or dispute resolution.”


In addition to the current issue, the first two issues of the ECA Legal Journal can be viewed online and downloaded.

Download the Legal Journal Issue 1 here.
Download the Legal Journal Issue 2 here.