As the ECA Platform for Executive Consultation (PEC) Meetings conclude, the focus on fostering collaboration, and shared decision-making processes emerge as a transformative strength within European club football.    

Today, the series of PEC meetings concluded with a final session hosted by Eintracht Frankfurt. The gathering kicked off with a warm welcome from the ECA Chairman, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi and the ECA Special Envoy, Axel Hellmann underscoring the importance of fostering unity and joint effort in the football community. Then, participants heard from the ECA Administration, setting the tone for collaborative sessions with updates on the European football landscape and from the recent ECA Executive Committee (ExCo), providing an insight into the decision-making processes that are shaping the future of European club football.

One of the main focuses of the meetings was interactive and collaborative sessions to shape ECA's future member engagement strategy.
Attendees, were also updated of ECA's eight workstreams. Including Men's, Women's, and Youth football, Commercial & Innovation, Finance, Legal & Regulatory, Sustainability, and ECA Governance & Development, these insights promised a deep dive into the critical aspects that govern the game.

Charlie Marshall, ECA CEO, declared: "In the heart of football, where traditions and innovations converge, we are laying the groundwork for a footballing future marked by expanded membership, strengthened cohesion, enhanced collaboration, and unity."        

These tailored consultations extended to new categories, with specific meetings for Women's Clubs and Network Clubs. The proactive effort to address the unique needs of these categories  speaks to ECA's dedication to inclusivity and fostering collaborative networks within the football family.      

The gathering also highlighted the importance of networking among members, emphasising the significance of peer-to-peer exchange. The PECs provided a unique opportunity for clubs to share experiences, exchange ideas, and build connections that extend beyond the meeting room, contributing to a stronger and more interconnected football community.          

Facilitated small group discussions during PEC meetings allowed clubs to brainstorm expectations concerning relations and services. Insights gathered during these discussions will play a crucial role in addressing the evolving needs of the entire ECA Family, promoting a collaborative and cooperative effort.

In addition to the comprehensive updates and future initiatives discussed during the PEC meetings, the growth of ECA's membership became a notable highlight. The organisation has experienced a remarkable growth of 92% since the beginning of the 2023-24 season, reflecting a commitment to excellence, unity, and collaboration.