UEFA-related News

In time for the start of the UEFA EURO 2012 in Poland and Ukraine, ECA is proud to announce that a so-called Club Protection Program will be in place, at UEFA's expense, to cover the injury risk of players released for the national team.

ECA is very pleased with the fact that the parameters requested by the European clubs have been taken into account. The introduction of such insurance policy marks a new milestone in the relationship between clubs and national associations aiming at a better dialogue and cooperation on the release of players.

What is the scope of the Program?

The Club Protection Program will provide compensations for clubs in the event that national A-team players participating for their national association suffer a temporary total disablement (TTD) as a result of bodily injuries caused by an accident which last for more than 28 consecutive days. There will not be any compensation for sickness nor will the Program provide any cover for permanent total disablement or death or for any costs of medical treatment.

Which matches are covered?

For the time period between the 15 May and 31 August 2012 all players registered with European clubs are covered for the following matches:

  • All 31 matches of the UEFA EURO 2012 final tournament;
  • All friendly international A-matches played by the national A-teams participating in the UEFA EURO 2012 final tournament during the preparation period (for the opposing national A-teams, not participating in the UEFA EURO 2012 final tournament, only the players registered with European Clubs are covered).
  • All matches between two national A-teams played on the dates of the FIFA international match calendar.

It is to be noted that the players are protected during the whole release period whilst under the control of the national association, including all playing, practicing, training, training matches, travelling and time spent away.

Which players are protected?

The Program will protect all players under an employment contract with a European club and released to a national association during the release period for international A-matches for which an obligation to release the players exists. All professional players who are employed by European clubs affiliated to a FIFA national association are protected. A professional player is a player who has a contract in writing and signed with a club and is paid more for his footballing activity than the expenses he incurs for the same activity. All other players are considered to be amateurs and are not covered under this Program.

What compensation does the Program offer?

The Program will compensate clubs up to a maximum of EUR 7,500,000 per player per accident. The maximum of EUR 7,500,000 is calculated at a daily "pro rata" compensation which is payable for a maximum of 365 days after the first 28 days of disablement which are not covered.

How is the compensation calculated?

The compensation payable is based on the fixed salary (incl. mandatory social security charges) that the club pays directly to the player. Compensation will not include variable amounts, one-off payments, payments not made on a regular basis or any bonuses, including but not limited to performance bonuses.

Subject to approval by the FIFA Congress in Budapest, the Club Protection Program will enter into force under same conditions on a worldwide level on 1 September 2012 and will cover all clubs that release players for A-national team matches. In this case, all matches between two national A-teams played on the dates of the FIFA International Match calendar or on dates covered by the respective release period for such matches will be covered.