ECA will host its first-ever workshop for member clubs on financial sustainability on Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 November when more than 130 delegates from accross the broad spectrum of ECA's membership, including for the first time clubs from the new ECA Network, will meet in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Over the course of the two-day event, representatives from ECA, UEFA and FIFA will present the newly approved UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Sustainability Regulations, developed in collaboration between UEFA and ECA, including detailed technical features, as well as the new FIFA Clearing House Regulations. Likewise, a roundtable on the upcoming FIFA Agents Regulations will be held with representatives of member clubs as well as legal and tax experts. 

ECA believes that offering our member clubs a dedicated workshop on the subject of financial sustainability will help them understand fully and therefore embrace all these regulations to better shape the financial landscape of the club ecosystem.

Day one will focus exclusively on the new UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Sustainability Regulations (FSR) that came into force for the current 2022/23 European club football season. 

These new financial regulations represent an important milestone for the entire European club landscape. ECA has welcomed their introduction as a vital step towards addressing the most pressing financial challenges faced by European clubs. They offer a genuine path to stability and sustainability for clubs of all sizes as they directly tackle costs for the first time, while also retaining, evolving, and strengthening the most effective elements of the current Financial Fair Play (FFP) system. 

Hugo Hamon, ECA Head of Finance Strategy & Operations, said: "The ECA Financial Sustainability Workshop will be a unique event in that it is the first ECA workshop focusing specifically on financial and regulatory issues. Gathering the club financial community together is good way for ECA to ensure the clubs have the correct understanding and achieve a good implementation of the new UEFA regulations and reforms."  

Day two will consist of a presentation by FIFA senior officials on the new FIFA Clearing House Regulations as well as the mentioned roundtable tackling the upcoming Agents' Regulations, both from a tax and a compliance perspective. 

Mario Flores, ECA Head of Sports Legal, said: "The international football regulatory landscape is getting more complex by the minute. The ECA Financial Sustainability Workshop will be a unique and extraordinary opportunity for ECA Member and Network Clubs to obtain first-hand knowledge of the most recent regulations issued by UEFA and FIFA. During the workshop, European Clubs will hear directly from the governing bodies how the new regulations on Financial Sustainability, the FIFA Clearing House and the Football Agents' Regulations will impact their day-to-day business." 


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