UEFA-related News

The youth teams of FC Barcelona and SL Benfica face each other today at Colovray Stadium in Nyon for the first UEFA Youth League Final.

This new competition, which kicked off last year and ran alongside the UEFA Champions League, was created by UEFA in close collaboration with ECA. A dedicated working group composed of representatives from both organisations jointly elaborated the competition format and regulations. The UEFA Youth League, which is reserved to the youth teams of the 32 UEFA Champions League participants, initially runs for a two-year trial period after which the format and regulations will be evaluated.

An internal survey conducted among the participating clubs indicates that clubs are satisfied with the first edition of the UEFA Youth League and rate the experience for their youth players positively. As the competition enters its second season in September, the ECA-UEFA working group will continue working on the project to discuss possible future adjustments.

The final between FC Barcelona and SL Benfica kicks off at 16h30 this afternoon.