ECA Media Release

UEFA and FIFA have today jointly announced to suspend the Football Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina (NSBiH) from any international match and event as they refuse to adopt the statutes according to the FIFA and UEFA minimum requirements. According to a statement, this suspension also applies to the Bosnian football clubs.

The European Club Association does not want to interfere in UEFA's and FIFA's political and statutory affairs, but would like to express its dissatisfaction with the fact that Bosnian football clubs are no longer entitled to participate in international club competitions until further notice.

Commenting on the suspension, ECA Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge stated:

     "By no means, these clubs can be the victim of the political issues within the Federation. The effects of such suspension, imposed for reasons which are not related to clubs' behaviour, would be detrimental for the clubs and their players. The clubs cannot be the victim of the current situation. I hope that the governing bodies will consider this important point."