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The first ever ECA Workshop on Club History & Museums will take place at Old Trafford, home of Manchester United Football Club, in Manchester, England on Monday 15th May. The European Club Association (ECA), committed to providing knowledge-sharing platforms for members, will bring together experts from yet another area of football club management, namely the club museum.

There is a growing interest from clubs at all levels to create dedicated museums in order to enhance the fan experience. This is due to the success of many clubs in developing museums that are considered top attractions in their respective city, region or even country. The club museum is an important asset in defining the culture of a football club and is often an underutilised revenue stream in sports.

This workshop will provide attendees, who are experts in the topic area, with the opportunity to learn from the experiences of fellow professionals within the industry. The morning will consist of introductory words, as well as a panel discussion from club representatives on 'What constitutes club history and how can it be preserved?'. For the afternoon session, participants will be treated to case study presentations from historic clubs, such as Manchester United Football Club, FC Porto and Juventus.

This ECA Workshop will facilitate the sharing of best practices amongst Member Clubs in order to benefit club museum directors and curators, as well as clubs that are considering opening a museum.

The official Workshop Programme can be downloaded in PDF version at the provided link. For any additional information regarding the ECA Workshop on Club History & Museums, please contact Olivier Jarosz at