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On the 8th of March, at the occasion of the International Women's Day, the European Club Association is organising the first ever club workshop on Women's Football at La Masia - Centre de Formació Oriol Tort in Barcelona, in collaboration with FC Barcelona Femení. This workshop is open to any official club representative from a top domestic division dealing specifically with women's football.

A survey conducted by ECA at the end of 2015 showed that the vast majority of European women's clubs are strongly interested in taking part in a workshop organised by the association representing women's clubs in Europe. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for all of them to gather and discuss the present and future of women's football.

This one-day event will focus on organisation, strategy and crisis management with 3 different case-studies as well as offer a platform to discuss modern women's football club strategy. To finish the day, the participants will tour the Academy facilities used by the women's team of FC Barcelona.

Programme of the Workshop

12h - 12h15
Introduction & Opening Speech

12h15 - 13h
Case Study - FC Barcelona Femení (ESP)

14h - 14h45
Case Study - Linköpings FC (SWE)

14h45 - 15h30
Case Study - FC Twente Vrouwen (NED)

16h - 16h30
Panel discussion moderated by Linda Wijkström - General Secretary of Elitfotboll Dam & ECA WFC Vice-Chairwoman

16h30 - 17h
Tour of the academy facilities used by FC Barcelona Femení

Background on the ECA Women's Football Committee

The overall purpose of the Women's Football Committee (WFC) is to act as a platform where issues related to women's football, be it on a European or on a worldwide level, can be discussed. The WFC Members share expertise and knowledge in order to promote women's football and aim at establishing a dialogue with relevant stakeholders in women's football. The Women's Football Committee is composed of representatives from ECA Member Clubs with a women's section as well as representatives from women's football clubs without any link to ECA Member Clubs.

The WFC Members are appointed by the ECA Executive Board based on a proposal by the WFC Chairman. The Committee is chaired by ECA Executive Board Member and Olympique Lyonnais President Jean-Michel Aulas. The vice-Chairwoman is Linda Wijkström from Elitfotboll Dam.

Since 2013 and its creation, the WFC has notably achieved the following results: recommending the increase of the contribution towards clubs' travel expenses (UWCL), requesting to put in place the FIFA Insurance for players (CPP) for women's player, proposing options to improve the WUCL format, supporting changes in the investments in women's football which are not anymore accounted in the UEFA Financial Fair Play break even rule, and providing research on women's club football (you can download the ECA Analysis on Women's Football by clicking here).

For any additional information, please contact the ECA Administration at