The Opinion issued today by the ECJ’s Advocate General Rantos proposes a clear and unequivocal rejection of the efforts of a few to undermine the foundations and historical heritage of European football for the many.

As the body representing nearly 250 of Europe’s top football clubs, ECA is explicit in its strong opposition towards those self-interested few seeking to disrupt European club football and undermine the values that underpin it. The Opinion published today by Advocate General Rantos reinforces ECA’s long-standing opposition to the European Super League and any breakaway project.

ECA stands for the responsible, progressive evolution of football and remains steadfast in its belief that in Europe this should be achieved alongside and in partnership with UEFA as the legitimate governing body, together with other fellow professional football stakeholders and European and governmental institutions. A great amount of positive reform and progress has been achieved by ECA working in collaborative partnership with UEFA in recent years for the benefit of the entire European football ecosystem.    

ECA now awaits the final ruling by the Court and in the meantime will continue to pursue the best interests of all of our members – the clubs who make European club football the best in the world.

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