As the sole, independent representative body of clubs playing in European and international competitions with nearly 250 members all across Europe, ECA today (8 November) joined a meeting at UEFA’s headquarters together with representatives from across European football including the clubs, national leagues, players and fans.

Along with the other genuine stakeholders, ECA was present to accommodate a request from A22 Sports - presenting themselves as an independent private commercial entity - to meet in open dialogue.  Following the end of the 2.5 hour meeting, ECA remains steadfastly opposed to the creation of any new so-called super league or breakaway project.  ECA was firmly against such concepts in April 2021; the same remains true in 2022.

Since the demise of the failed breakaway project, many significant reforms have been achieved by ECA, working progressively and constructively in partnership with UEFA and other stakeholders.  Recent examples include changes to decision-making and governance via the creation of the new joint venture for commercializing media rights and commercial revenues; changes to the men’s club competition structure post-2024; progress on sustainability with the introduction of new financial sustainability regulations, amongst many other reforms – all aiming to further the interests of all clubs, not just a few.

Progressive reform is a constant process, which we are pressing for every day.  As the voice of the clubs, ECA is at the heart of shaping that reform and believes that change is best conducted from within the current structure, rather than through the creation of an elitist breakaway league or un-representative commercial PR entity.

ECA will continue to work with all European football stakeholders in a true spirit of collaboration committed to the European Sports Model, remaining true to European football’s traditions of openness, transparency, solidarity; and where sporting success is measured and gained by the results on the pitch and constructive collaboration and progressive reform off the pitch.