European Club Association (ECA), representing nearly 500 professional football clubs across Europe, takes note of the judgment issued by the European Court of Justice today.

To be absolutely clear, the judgment in no way whatsoever supports or endorses any form of Super League project.

Since the legal case was brought two years ago, major progressive governance reforms have already been put in place across the ecosystem of football in Europe and worldwide, including new UEFA rules for competition pre-authorisation and, in particular, reforms under ECA’s Memorandum of Understanding and Joint Venture with UEFA and FIFA (signed in September and March this year). Through ECA, clubs today are already at the heart of decision-making in relation to the competitions they participate in.

In short, the world of football moved on from the Super League years ago and progressive reforms will continue.

Most importantly, football is a social contract not a legal contract - all the recognised stakeholders of European and world football spanning confederations, federations, clubs, leagues, players and fans, stand more united than ever against the attempts by a few individuals pursuing personal agendas to undermine the very foundations and basic principles of European football.

ECA will continue to work with UEFA, FIFA and all recognised stakeholders of football, to develop the game positively and progressively founded on the principles of sporting meritocracy, inclusiveness, open competition and genuine solidarity. These principles are at the heart of ECA, and at the core of the European Sports Model, on which all levels of the pyramid benefit and prosper.