UEFA-related News

ECA is pleased to announce that, following ratification from UEFA, ECA Women's Football Committee (WFC) Vice-Chairwoman Linda Wijkström and WFC Member Christina Saß will now sit as full members on the UEFA Women's Football Committee.

This decision comes following the announcement at the 41st UEFA Ordinary Congress in April, which officialised the inclusion of ECA representatives on the UEFA Executive Committee. In accordance with this, two ECA representatives have also been appointed to sit on UEFA's supreme body dealing with matters in the women's game: Linda Wijkström, General Secretary Elitfotboll Dam, who has previously represented ECA on the UEFA Women's Football Committee as an observer, and Christina Saß, Head of Administration VfL Wolfsburg.

The UEFA Women's Football Committee is a platform facilitating the discussion on a variety of topics, including the format and regulations of UEFA women's competitions, the international calendar, and development strategies and programmes at both senior and youth level. 

Commenting on the decision, Linda Wijkström said:

     "The inclusion of club representatives as full members on the UEFA Women's Football Committee is an important acknowledgement of the major role clubs play in the development and promotion of women's football at European level. We welcome this decision and look forward to working cooperatively with UEFA for the benefit of the women's game."

The next meeting of the UEFA Women's Football Committee is scheduled for February 2018.