EU-related News

Good Governance is increasingly becoming a core topic for sport organisations at all levels. A number of recent events in the world of sport have demonstrated that a proper implementation of good governance standards and principles is needed to ensure that sport and sport governing bodies are not vulnerable and can cope with certain risks that they might face.

Together with the European Union and many European Sport Organisations, the European Club Association (ECA) is fully engaged to promote Good Governance in Sport.

Following up on the EU's Good Governance pledge ECA signed up to in October 2016, ECA has reiterated its support to promote Good Governace at the latest EU Sport Forum in Malta by outlining how it puts the pledge into practice. ECA's declaration reads as follows:

     "ECA believes that the sustainable development of football is dependent on the governance systems which determine its decision-making processes. Governance models must be constructed around a number of core principles which include: representativeness, inclusivity and transparency. These are the principles around which ECA has based its own model and which we encourage all sports bodies to follow with the aim of reducing the risk of mismanagement and corruption in sport - leading to better outcomes relating to all aspects of the development of the game."

The signing of the declaration took place at the EU Sport Forum in Malta on the 9th of March in the presence of the EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Tibor Navracsics.