Representatives from ECA, EPFL, UEFA, FIFA and all player unions gathered in Lisbon on the 18th and 19th of April for the Legal Network Conference organised by FIFPro, the world union of professional football players.

The conference centred around the topic "Insolvency in football" with speakers from the academic world and all football stakeholders present to discuss their views on this important issue.

This topic being a very complex matter, it was made clear that all parties in world football need to cooperate to improve the current situation. It was highlighted that insolvency in football is related to both the economical crisis and mismanagement in clubs. It was stressed that a club's insolvency not only affects its players, but also other clubs both from a financial and sporting point of view. UEFA's Financial Fair Play Regulations were seen as a first step in the right direction, but it was agreed that  more needs to be done to improve the overall situation in club football.

The European Club Association was represented by its Legal Manager, Wouter Lambrecht, who gave a presentation on due diligence and insolvency from a club's point view. Click here to download the presentation.