EU-related News

On 22nd March, ECA participated alongside representatives from La Liga and FIFPro on a panel addressing the future of the transfer system. The panel was part of the annual EU Sport Forum, which brings together representatives from major sports bodies from across the EU.

The EU has historically been fully engaged in transfer matters given the need for the system to align with its rules relating to the internal market and other policy areas under its control. With the current focus of FIFA and stakeholders in the professional game, including ECA, on the modernisation of the system, the EU has placed the transfer system high up on its sports policy agenda.

Represented by Senior Strategic Advisor, David Frommer, ECA outlined its commitment to working constructively with stakeholders to examine ways to enhance the transfer system in a manner that maintains the general principles which underpin the agreement reached in 2001, which acts as the basis for the system as we know it today. This requires the need to maintain a balance between the rights of players to free movement and stability of contracts together with the objective of integrity of sports and stability of competitions.