On the 16th and 18th of October, representatives of the ECA Administration joined European and national social partners for the first two Social Dialogue country visits in Belgrade (Serbia) and Ljubljana (Slovenia).

These country visits aim at bringing together the local FA, League, clubs and players` union to discuss the implementation of the remaining minimum requirements as mentioned in the Autonomous Agreement. This agreement was signed by the European social partners (ECA, EPFL, FIFPro and UEFA) in April 2012 and aims to increase the level of professional contracts throughout Europe.

The visit to Serbia was a useful one as almost all minimum requirements are integrated already. The focus was on the implementation of an independent and equally represented arbitration body. The national parties agreed to further discuss the open issues soon after the visit.

The Slovenia visit proved to be more complicated, since there were very different visions on the open cases, in particular the kind of contract which can be used for players. Despite these discrepant opinions, the domestic parties showed goodwill to look for a constructive solution and agreed on the next steps in their discussions.

The next country visits are planned in Croatia (29/10), Moscow (1/11) and Kiev (8/11).