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The first ECA Youth Working Group meeting of the 2015/16 season was held in Poznan, Poland, on the occasion of the 6th Lech Conference, a one-day event focused on youth football and reuniting over 1200 participants.

Chaired by Executive Board Member Edwin van der Sar, the Youth Working Group is one of five thematic ECA Working Groups, specifically dealing with the grassroots of European club football. Composed of over 20 experts on the subject, the Youth Working Group discusses key topics related to youth football such as the development and functioning of youth academies, with the aim to make concrete recommendations to the ECA Executive Board.

The Youth Working Group meeting was followed by both the Lech Conference, attended by FA representatives, league and club representatives, coaches and former players, which notably saw the presentations of youth coaches from top clubs such as Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC, Juventus and Schalke 04, and by the Lech Cup, a U-12 youth tournament reuniting 8 clubs from across Europe.

More information on the Lech Cup and Lech Conference can be found at the following link: