The ECA Family has reached a historic landmark in its development - passing the milestone of 600 clubs. That is up from 266 clubs since the start of the 2023/24 season, a remarkable growth rate of 125%.

ECA’s 610+ members, encompassing every one of the 55 UEFA nations, also includes 100% membership in 15 of those countries.

ECA Chairman, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi hailed a “fantastic moment in our rapid expansion and positive evolution”, adding: "This underlines that ECA is a dynamic, democratic, representative, and inclusive organisation – which gives a voice to the many not the few. The message is that we are here for all clubs, no matter their perceived size.

“It also emphasises ECA’s position at the heart of European football. We drive revenues for clubs and give them a voice in all major decisions – most recently, the international match calendar, the format of competitions and the distribution of revenue. As an institution, ECA has never been more united and focused on the collective interests of all clubs – not only those who play in European competitions but clubs who are from Europe."

Reaching 600 members is only the beginning of ECAs’s evolution. ECA is also examining the ongoing internal governance reforms that will include evolving the current membership structure of the ECA Family to a more comprehensive and inclusive model under the banner ‘Membership for All’.

This will allow all ECA clubs, irrespective of their size or turnover, to become ECA Members and participate in genuine decision-making. Any eventual changes to the membership structure will require further amendments to the ECA Statutes to be submitted for approval at ECA’s General Assembly later this year.

The landmark of 610+ clubs demonstrates the strength of the bond between clubs across the continent, underlining the shared vision and core mission of ECA – placing clubs at the Heart of Football. Through meaningful collaboration and development, ECA strives to foster unity between clubs and all football stakeholders across the continent.

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