ECA membership passes 700 clubs across 55 countries as programme of rapid expansion and progressive reforms continues

  • ECA surpasses 700 member clubs, up from 266 clubs at start of 2023/24 season
  • The figures represent 160% member growth and 485% growth in partner clubs
  • 20 countries now have 100% market share (all top-division clubs as ECA members), with clubs of all sizes represented by ECA
  • Further ‘Membership for All’ reforms coming next, allowing all ECA clubs irrespective of size to become ECA Members and participate in genuine decision-making

3 July 2024 The European Club Association (ECA) – the sole representative body of clubs in Europe formally recognised by UEFA, FIFA and other leading stakeholders across football – has concluded the 2023/24 season with a historic milestone by surpassing 700 member clubs, up from 266 clubs at the start of the season.

Among these 700+ members, 20 countries across Europe now boast 100% market share, with all top-division clubs in those nations being ECA members. The ECA ‘subdivisions’, which ensure fair representation across all levels of membership, also now all maintain at least 80% market share within their respective countries (Sub1: 83%, Sub2: 8ub2%, Sub3: 80%, and Sub4: 80%), highlighting the genuine new inclusivity of ECA today being the home of small, medium and large clubs all across Europe.

ECA Chairman Nasser Al-Khelaïfi celebrated the milestone, stating, "We are so proud of our unprecedented programme of reform at ECA over the past year – increasing from 266 members at the start of the season to over 700 clubs. Today ECA is a dynamic, democratic and inclusive organisation that gives a voice to many, not just a few. Our mission is to ensure clubs – of all sizes – are at the heart of decision-making concerning European club football, while driving major benefits and growth for all our members, and working together with all stakeholders for the benefit of the whole European football ecosystem."

ECA’s reform programme continues over the coming months, including additional governance reforms under the banner ‘Membership for All’, which will allow all ECA clubs, irrespective of their size or turnover, to become ECA Members and participate in genuine decision-making. These further changes will require amendments to the ECA Statutes, which will be submitted for approval at the ECA General Assembly in October.

In addition to the unparalleled membership expansion this year, ECA has also spent the 2023/24 season engaging on-the-ground with members – including 37 regional meetings across Europe – to understand the local issues and find solutions. The inaugural ECA Club Connect in Madrid in March also brought together nearly 300 clubs to discuss sustainability and commercial matters, while the ECA Club Meet-Ups enabled valuable knowledge-sharing between clubs of all sizes across Europe.

Other notable club engagement events included the gathering of nearly 100 sports directors in Amsterdam; meetings of the Women’s High-Performance Advisory Group; webinars on sustainability, together with various educational programmes, conferences and workshops, all to ensure every voice is heard when shaping ECA policy, decisions and positions.

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