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ECA invites member club applications for Ukrainian Relief Fund

The process is well underway for ECA Member Clubs to apply for a contribution from the €1 million set aside from ECA’s budget in the Ukrainian Relief Fund as announced by ECA Chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi during his opening address at the recent ECA General Assembly in Vienna, Austria.

ECA Member Clubs are applying for donations of between €25’000 and €50’000 per club with a deadline of 17 June 2022 for receiving initial applications. The donations are intended to support member clubs’ efforts with humanitarian initiatives to assist Ukrainian families and children who continue to be affected by the tragic circumstances in their country.

ECA’s leadership is firmly committed to financing club initiatives that are providing real and effective humanitarian and emergency actions to provide support and opportunities for the integration and development of refugees affected by the war. It is humbling to see how many ECA Member Clubs are already investing critical resources into various humanitarian projects.

ECA is partnering with the UEFA Foundation for Children in order to implement this humanitarian project, in advance of establishing a dedicated ECA Foundation which is part of the Association’s future plans. A newly formed ECA Ukrainian Relief Committee will make decisions on the projects to be funded, working in tandem with UEFA’s Foundation to align common objectives and ultimately route the funds.

Urs Kluser, General secretary of the UEFA Foundation for Children, said:

“This generous support from ECA confirms football's solidarity with the victims of the war in Ukraine. It is a great help to the clubs that have selflessly and directly taken in families with children or supported them through football activities over the last three months.” 

Announcing the launch of the Ukrainian Relief Fund  to the audience at the ECA General Assembly in Vienna, on 28 March, ECA Chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi remarked on the actions already undertaken by many member clubs, saying:

“I am also very proud to announce that ECA will make available an initial €1 million financial contribution in supporting our members’ efforts in assisting the Ukrainian people, while many of our clubs have also offered to find a safe place for Ukrainian youth academy players”

Further information about the impact of ECA’s funding in helping to deliver respite and relief to the innocent victims of this conflict will be communicated in due course.