• Almost 200 clubs gain valuable insight and information
  • ECA Legal assisted 50 clubs from 28 territories with FCH issues
  • More than of half of ECA Membership has already passed compliance

Clubs from across ECA’s 700-strong family came together recently to gain valuable guidance and insight into FIFA’s Clearing House (FCH) - a key element of the transfer system mainly aimed at effectively and efficiently distributing FIFA training rewards to clubs (solidarity contribution and training compensation).

Almost 290 attendees from 196 clubs tuned in to join an ECA-hosted webinar, enabling member clubs to gain direct access to officials from the FCH and, with input from ECA’s legal team, gather crucial information in how to make the process as straightforward as possible, so that payments are processed within the expected timelines.

Additionally, the FCH provided specific answers to questions raised by member clubs and Mario Flores Chemor, ECA Head of Legal, said: “The feedback was very positive. Clubs found the webinar ‘very interesting’ and ‘super-helpful’.

“FIFA confirmed to the webinar that over half of ECA’s Membership had already passed the compliance onboarding process – underlining that the system is improving and to a large extent this is due to the close collaboration that FIFA and ECA have had and will continue to have.”

During the 2023/24 season, the ECA Legal Team assisted 50 clubs from 28 territories in matters related to the FIFA Clearing House, covering a wide range of topics such as waivers of training compensation or mandatory documents to be sent to the Clearing House.

Clubs were presented with detailed and specific examples of documents, such as acceptable organograms to prove clubs’ Ultimate Beneficial Owner. The FCH also made a distinction between the documents needed for companies and associations.

Mario Flores Chemor added: “We must say thank you to FIFA for enabling us to provide this information to our member clubs. We have built a good relationship with FIFA and if clubs have any questions in relation to the FIFA Clearing House, they should come to ECA and we can liaise with FIFA.”