FC Bayern München have announced that Dr. Michael Gerlinger, who has been involved with ECA since 2008, will leave the club at the end of this month.

The 50-year-old was key to the founding of ECA 15 years ago and was named on the ECA Board in 2017 before taking over as Vice-Chairman in 2021 – a role now held by FC Bayern München CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen. Gerlinger leaves FC Bayern München after a prosperous 18-year stint which saw him serve as Director of Legal Affairs and more recently as Vice President of Sports Business and Competitions.

After playing a significant role in ECA’s creation, he contributed greatly to European football clubs, helping to realise several momentous changes in the European club football landscape. Gerlinger championed the payment to clubs of a share of the revenues from the final tournaments of the FIFA World Cup and UEFA EURO for the release of players and for their insurance while on international duty. He was instrumental in discussions concerning distribution and solidarity payments from European club competitions. 

From 2017 to 2019, and since 2021, Gerlinger also held the position of Managing Director at UEFA Club Competitions SA (UCC SA/Joint Venture) which he also played a key role in founding.

ECA CEO, Charlie Marshall, added: “Michael was one of ECA’s founding fathers from our formation back in 2008. The association wouldn’t be here without him. His tireless energy, commitment and support for European clubs, and European club football, will be sorely missed. We send him out best wishes for his future career.”