ECA Media Release

The Executive Board of the European Club Association (ECA) met today Monday 9 May at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium in Madrid, Spain, to address a range of topics relating to the future of European club football at a key moment in time for the club game.

Amongst other matters, the ECA Executive Board welcomed a presentation from Senior UEFA officials where the final directions were put forward for the men's UEFA Club Competitions post-2024. As these important proposals near final agreement to be approved at UEFA’s Executive Committee, the ECA committed to working with UEFA to conclude the best possible outcomes for European club football.

Separately, an update was provided on the ongoing work around the commercial strategy for men’s club competitions for the new cycle 2024-27 through the joint venture with UEFA. The Board welcomed the strong collaboration between ECA and UEFA through the continuing efforts of the new joint venture between both organisations.

The Board received an update on plans around the €1 million financial contribution approved at the ECA General Assembly in March to support member clubs’ humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. It was agreed that this will be managed through a newly set-up ECA Donation Committee to be chaired by ECA Vice-Chairman Dariusz Mioduski.

Finally, the ECA Executive Board was presented with details around the implementation of the new ECA Network, which will allow for significant growth of the ECA family for aspiring clubs of Europe, providing support and services to more professional football clubs.

Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, Chairman of the European Club Association, said “The range of decisions currently being considered by ECA and other major stakeholders will shape European club football competitions for years to come. As an organisation that represents over 240 clubs of Europe – clubs of all sizes and locations, big and small – the ECA has a unique perspective and leadership position. In all our decisions, ECA acts in the best collective interests of European football and our communities.”