ECA Media Release

European Club Association (ECA), representing 240+ professional football clubs of Europe, endorses and supports the European Parliament’s Resolution on EU Sport Policy, which was adopted earlier today. The European Parliament is clearly aligned with ECA’s own unequivocal position that any form of breakaway league project threatens the very essence and fabric of European sport, acknowledging the central role of clubs within the existing model.

ECA also endorses the European Parliament’s position on the proposals for a biennial World Cup for men and women – a matter on which ECA has clearly and categorically communicated in recent months. The views and feedback of ECA on any biennial World Cup proposals are absolutely critical to any well-governed and proper decision-making, including any amendments – no matter how large or small – to the International Match Calendar.

In short, today’s Resolution marks another major defeat for those who continue to try to divide European sport based on self-interest, rather than building a future built around the interests of all pursued by ECA.

ECA looks forward to continuing to engage constructively with the European Parliament and other EU Institutions in addressing the challenges the game faces.