ECA is embarking on a series of regional ECA Club Meet-ups in an initiative designed to foster connections and empower clubs across the European football landscape and worldwide. This engaging series of meetings, led by ECA’s Membership Department, unfolds through a sequence of in-person visits and detailed presentations bringing together ECA Members and clubs alike. 

This week the ECA Administration is set to land in Armenia and Moldova where it will embark on a journey to meet with over 20 local clubs. The Club Meet-up series provides a much-needed platform for open dialogue where clubs have the opportunity to express their challenges and explore the extensive range of solutions and services offered by ECA. 

At its core, the Club Meet-up series is about sparking engaging conversations and facilitating exchanges that transcend borders. It goes beyond simple membership, being accessible to all clubs that wish to discover new paths to growth and development within the club football community. The spirit of openness, inclusion and commitment that defines this series paves the way for a stronger and more united club football landscape. 

Sharing Experiences, Expertise and Ideas

The ECA Club Meet-up series aims to be a catalyst for positive change bringing clubs together, regardless of their size or background. By offering a platform for sharing experiences, expertise, and ideas, the series also offer concrete practical examples of how clubs can benefit from closer ties with one another, and from accessing the many services offered by ECA. 

As ECA CEO, Charlie Marshall, explains: "The ECA Club Meet-up series is a natural extension of the work that we are already doing with our member clubs and is testament to our commitment to the growth and development of club football. We believe that unity and inclusivity are the keys to success. By bringing clubs together, we can collectively overcome challenges and embrace opportunities, ensuring a brighter future for club football in Europe and worldwide." 

During the Armenia and Moldova leg of the series, participating clubs can expect a rich programme of discussions, and workshops aimed at addressing their specific needs and goals in order to assist clubs in reaching their full potential. 

ECA invites all football stakeholders and enthusiasts to follow the Club Meet-up series closely and join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #WeAreECA only by engaging, embracing, and expanding our horizons can we truly bridge the gaps between clubs and foster a united club football community.