The crucial role played by ECA in delivering value for football clubs, in Europe and at a global level, has been highlighted by the publication today of the Club Benefits Programme Report from the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

The report showcases the instrumental role played by ECA in championing the interests of football clubs and amplifying their contributions to the success of the FIFA World Cup and to national team football around the globe.

The FIFA Club Benefits Programme is the mechanism through which clubs are recognised for their indispensable contribution to the success of the FIFA World Cup, for example by releasing players to the national teams, through the redistribution of a portion of the competition revenues.

For the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, a total of USD 209 million is being distributed to clubs that released players, as well as clubs where those players were registered in the two years leading up to the final stage of the tournament. In total 440 clubs from all six confederations are receiving a share of USD 209 million, signifying the widespread impact of the programme.

ECA’s role in this major global programme is paramount as it is made possible thanks to the Memorandum of Understanding between FIFA and ECA. Building upon this success, future FIFA World Cup editions, including 2026 and 2030, will witness a substantial increase in the amounts to be redistributed to clubs, reaching an impressive USD 355 million.

Commenting on the report, ECA Chairman, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi said, 

“The Club Benefits Programme is one of the fundamental pillars of the recently renewed Memorandum of Understanding between ECA and FIFA. ECA relentlessly strives for the benefit of all clubs, and the substantial increase in the distribution amount for the 2026 and 2030 editions of the FIFA World Cup to USD 355 million is a testament to our unwavering commitment.”

Charlie Marshall, CEO of ECA, emphasised the global reach of the programme, stating,

"It is truly gratifying to witness how our day-to-day efforts at ECA, working in partnership with governing bodies through our Memoranda of Understanding, yield tangible benefits for clubs not only on a regional level but globally as well."

Marshall highlighted ECA's history and track record in fostering consensus and compromise among clubs of diverse backgrounds and sizes. He stated,

"When we are able to forge concrete agreements that lead to positive outcomes like the FIFA Club Benefits Programme, we unequivocally deliver value to all clubs and elevate the sport of football as a whole."