The hashtag #WeAreECA has never been truer than in the series of ECA Club Meet-Ups which continued this month. The aim of the initiative is to reach all clubs across Europe, empower them and foster connections to help ensure a brighter future for club football in Europe.

In November, ECA Representatives met clubs from Georgia, Azerbaijan and Iceland, and covered a range of topics including ECA Governance, ECA Membership, ECA Services, Updates on FIFA & UEFA Club Benefits Programmes as well as updates on UEFA Club Competitions Post-2024.

And the reaction of those taking part gave a strong indication of the value that the ECA Club Meet-Up series brings to European clubs.

Zaza Dolidze, CEO at FC Dinamo Tbilisi said:

“It was great to hear from ECA on some important topics and take away some key learnings which are so relevant to running a football club. On top of that, the interaction with other clubs ensured a useful exchange of ideas and also built relationships for the future.

The series got underway in Armenia and Moldova in October, while December’s event will involve clubs from Poland and North Macedonia.

ECA CEO Charlie Marshall, said:

"The ECA Club Meet-Ups are the embodiment of what ECA is all about. The series is a natural extension of the work that we are already doing with our member clubs and is testament to our commitment to the growth and development of club football.

We believe that unity and inclusivity are the keys to success. By bringing clubs together, we can collectively overcome challenges and embrace opportunities, ensuring a brighter future for club football in Europe and worldwide."

The Club Meet-Up initiative, led by ECA’s Membership Department, aims to be a catalyst for positive change bringing clubs together, regardless of their size or background.

Asif Asgarov, ECA Board Member added:

By offering a platform for sharing experiences, expertise, and ideas, the series also offers concrete practical examples of how clubs can benefit from closer ties with one another, and from accessing the many services offered by ECA.

At its core, the ECA Club Meet-up series is about sparking and engaging conversations and facilitating exchanges that transcend borders. It goes beyond simple membership, being accessible to all clubs that wish to discover new paths to growth and development.

Samad Nasibov, Sports Director from Turan Tovuz PFK concluded:

“This is a great initiative from ECA. There is useful information across a range of key subjects, all of them relevant no matter the size of your club or the country in which you operate. We have expressed our willingness to be part of the ECA Membership.

ECA invites all football stakeholders and enthusiasts to follow the ECA Club Meet-up series closely and join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #WeAreECA