Clubs from across Türkiye gathered at a top level meeting in Riva to hear updates on the European football landscape and to discuss the domestic set-up in the country.

Hosted by the Turkish FA (TFF), and with officials from the federation, Süper Lig and UEFA present, managers and representatives of Süper Lig clubs assembled in the Orhan Saka Conference Hall at the Hasan Doğan National Team Camp and Training Facilities.

In collaboration with UEFA, TFF and the Turkish Union of Clubs the ECA-led meeting in Türkiye provided a valuable platform for participants to discuss the evolving European football landscape, assess the challenges and opportunities within Turkish football, and highlight the benefits of clubs to be part of the ECA Family.

Ali Koç, ECA Board Member outlined the role that ECA can play in steering clubs through changing times, he stated: “We must be more effective in international arenas in order to be involved in the processes taking place in Türkiye. The most important way to achieve this is through ECA. In the next period, all economic issues of European football have reached the point where UEFA and ECA will decide together. We attach great importance to this meeting. Within the framework of the steps taken It is very important for us to be an active country in ECA."

The collaborative and forward-looking approach demonstrated at the meeting bodes well for the future of European football as TFF President Mehmet Büyükekşi and UEFA Deputy Secretary General Giorgio Marchetti also addressed the meeting. Büyükekşi expressed the TFF’s satisfaction in hosting such an important gathering, saying that the high participation of Turkish clubs in UEFA competitions “made us all happy. We rose from 20th to 9th in the UEFA country rankings in two years."

UEFA’s Marchetti took attendees through the new formats emphasising that the request for change had come from the clubs. ECA and UEFA first unveiled the new post-2024 format for the Champions League, Europa League, and Conference League three years ago, but now are providing clubs with further details which were well received at the gathering.

UEFA Deputy Secretary General Giorgio Marchetti, said: “We make all the change decisions with the knowledge of the clubs. Clubs are our most important stakeholders. They knew that such a change would happen, and in fact, the request came from them.

Whether big or small, all clubs in Europe need to play more matches in Europe. They are completely behind these changes.”

Stating that he believes that the format change in the European cups will have a positive effect, President Mehmet Büyükekşi added: "I believe that the new formats will contribute to the financial sustainability, brand values, sports development of the clubs and increase interest in football. In this way, we will have the opportunity to participate in the European cups with five teams again. I would like to thank all our clubs that represent our country in the European cups and contribute to the country's coefficient and wish them continued success.

Ali Koç, ECA Board Member, concluded: "European football has been through an extraordinary change in the last 15 years. The economy has changed a lot, billions of dollars are being talked about. Technology has arrived, the rules are changing. Formats are changing, and today we will learn how this will happen in the new era.

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