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The participants of the first edition of the ECA Club Management Programme (CMP) have gathered in Stockholm for a dedicated two-day session on digital development.

The so-called "e-session" with the overarching theme Innovation and Collaboration presented a long-term vision of the digital development within the world of football. The session was organised by Stockholm Business School (SBS), the academic partner of the ECA CMP, and focused on business opportunities based on new technology, entrepreneurship in the sports sector and digital stadium engagement.

The session was split in two days: the first day focused on investments and innovation in the digital economy with a visit to the start-up hub SUP46. SUP46 is the city's standout start-up incubator where sports and football related start-ups presented their activities followed by a panel discussion on the development of eSports.

Commenting on the visit to SUP46, ECA's CMP Manager, Olivier Jarosz, said:

     "Stockholm is a global technology and innovation hub, and incubators such as SUP46 are an important contributing factor to this. For us at the ECA CMP it was a pleasure to witness first-hand the latest technological developments that await our industry, and experience the collaborative working environment, which we are also trying to reproduce within our programme."

The presentations on the second day offered insights into a wide range of topics such as how to create business opportunities through IT, identity and consumer behaviours as well as digital stadium development. The participants were introduced to the potential that the digital development can offer to the football industry and were invited to reflect on how to develop and create new solutions for their own club.

The ultimate objective of the extra session was to stimulate debate on the profound impact of information and communications technology in the game allowing the participants to get inspired and bring back new ideas and input to their respective clubs.

The final session of the first edition of the ECA CMP will be held in Warsaw at the end of May.

To learn more about the second edition of the programme, please visit the dedicated ECA CMP website: