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Following the announcement of the second edition of the ECA Club Management Programme (ECA CMP) at the occasion of the ECA General Assembly in Athens, ECA is pleased to share that the application process in now open.

ECA CMP is an educational course, based on the ECA Club Management Guide, designed to provide ECA Member Club executives with in-depth knowledge on a wide range of topics relating to football club management. The unique programme, developed in collaboration with Stockholm Business School and LTT Sports, gives participants the opportunity to learn from the best practitioners in the football industry, as well as academics who specialise in areas such as management and leadership.

The second edition of the ECA CMP will run over a year and a half, starting in November 2017 and finishing in June 2019. It will consist of six two-day seminars, each dealing with a different topic of club management, which will be held in some of the most iconic football venues during the national team breaks.

Session dates, topics and locations for the second edition of the ECA CMP are as follows:

  • November 2017 - Leadership & Strategy (Turin, Italy)
  • January 2018 - Sport Activities (Bilbao, Spain)
  • June 2018 - Business Activities (New York, USA)
  • October 2018 - Community Activities (Athens, Greece)
  • January 2019 - Club Operations (Vienna, Austria)
  • June 2019 - Club Environment (Stockholm, Sweden)

There will also be two additional sessions that provide further in-depth insight into the core topics of Leadership & Innovation and Sport & Innovation, which will be held in London and Beijing respectively.

Deadline for applications for the second edition of the ECA Club Management Programme is 15th September 2017. The CMP Scientific Panel will review all applications within four weeks of the application deadline.

Please visit the dedicated ECA CMP website for more information and a description of the entry requirements:

Applications must be submitted via the application portal on the ECA CMP website.