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The European Club Association today organised the first ECA New Media Workshop at the Allianz Arena in Munich.

The last five years have seen a rapid evolution in the communication and marketing landscape across European football. Ever-growing media technologies are affecting the clubs' day-to-day communication and marketing strategies. In order to maximise the opportunities they offer in the best possible way, it is vital for clubs to stay up-to-date with the development of these technologies.

As a result, the ECA Marketing & Communication Working Group, chaired by FC Barcelona President Sandro Rosell, launched the idea of organising a workshop dedicated to new media, which was held today in Munich.

The aim of this workshop was not limited to exchanging thoughts and understanding the opportunities that exist in relation to new media, but also to gather opinions and information on common interests, formulate common goals and try to anticipate future developments. All participants were invited to share their experiences and ideas relating to new media and how existing tools can be used to help develop and implement effectively a club's communication & marketing strategy.

65 participants from 55 ECA Member Clubs attended the workshop and selected experts were invited to give their opinion on how they see new media technologies moving forward.

After a warm welcome from ECA Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Sandro Rosell, the workshop kicked off with a presentation by Stefan Mennerich, Director New Media & Media Rights at FC Bayern München. During his presentation, which was entitled "Club Media - Where do we stand? What is the future?", Stefan Mennerich explained which opportunities the different media technologies offer to clubs and how FC Bayern München has implemented them in the club's marketing and communication strategy.

His intervention was followed by a presentation from Carsten Schmidt, Chief Officer Sports, Advertising Sales & Internet at Sky Germany. He gave practical insight into Sky's strategic approach with regard to digital media technologies.

In the afternoon, F. Scott Woods, Commercial Director at Facebook, explained how he sees social media platforms developing and which important role they can play for football clubs.

Each presentation was followed by an extensive Q&A Session, during which the members present were able to share their ideas and experiences related to the different topics. Discussions amongst the club representatives proved very lively, which underlined there was a strong need for clubs to meet and exchange thoughts on this important topic.

The first ECA New Media Workshop turned out to be a great success and similar workshops will be organised in the future.